Company profile

Founded in 1976 by Ron & Rosemarie Broomfield, Advance Printing has become one of the premier shops in the industry.

The never-ending quest to provide clients with better solutions and end results has made Advance Printing a leader in innovation and the use of new technologies. Over the years we've set standards for others to follow - like printing in 'High Definition' at over 300 line and stochastic screen where others are still using only half that.

While everyone is beginning to 'think green', we can proudly say that Advance Printing has already been in the forefront of keeping Mother Nature happy for many years.

But that's only part of the story. When we say 'Printed in Canada', we mean just that. No sending jobs to other countries and worrying about lead content in inks, customs or other delays. You'll also be communicating directly with our production staff which means your requirements, questions and answers will come straight from the source and won't get lost in the translation. We keep it all here so that Canadian families can keep working and earn a living.

At Advance Printing, customer satisfaction comes first. That is why we've made it a priority to produce high quality products while maintaining competitive trade pricing.

Advance Printing utilizes best practices to ensure that the work flows throughout the plant with minimal chances for mistakes. We set our own internal standards & constantly measure against those standards to ensure the best product possible.

Advance Printing operates out of a 55,000 sq. ft. building located in Paris, Ontario, Canada and is conveniently located midway between Toronto & London, close to both the 401 & 403 highways.


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