Press Room

Better and faster.

The art of printing has changed dramatically as technology allowed for more accurate reproduction onto paper.
At Advance Printing we use Heidelberg printing presses that are constantly updated to take advantage of this newer technology. Our automated workflow, skilled operators and quality control throughout the production process, combined with the latest equipment means your printing requirements are completed quicker and better than ever before.

Impressive technology.

Features such as Autoplate, when combined with CTP (Computer-To-Plate) & in-line punching, reduce make-ready times and improves the overall fit of jobs. We also use chillers to control roller and ink temperatures which helps to stabilize the printing characteristics of the press. CIP3 data is also used to pre-set the ink fountains which drastically saves make-ready times and gets the press to within about 90% of color 1st pull. We also utilize Lithotel software & hardware to automatically measure & adjust colour. Many of our presses perfect (print 2 sides in 1 pass) in various configurations allowing us to complete many of our jobs in 1 pass. This cuts the drying time in 1/2 and allows us to get the job out the door quicker.

Skilled operators

The printing press has changed over the years & the new presses are much easier to run, however it still takes a skilled operator to make it work efficiently, productively & consistently. Chemistry, pressure & ink-water balance is still key to producing good, consistent work. Our press operators are professionals with plenty of experience and are dedicated to producing the best job possible.

The right press for the job

We have a very diverse selection of presses that are able to meet the most demanding needs. From single colour to 8 colour presses allows us to print an enormous variety of process, spot and coating combinations. Sheet sizes up to 28" x 40" gives you plenty of room to get your message in print.

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