The right combination.



The Pre-Press Department plays an enormously important role in the success of your print job.


The recipe for high-quality printing requires that materials delivered to the Pressroom meet exact specifications and standards.

Producing these materials requires not only great skill, but also the best of modern technology.
At Advance Printing, we pride ourselves in having both.

The right equipment and dedication for success.


Our Pre-Press Department features high-speed data transmissions, server farms, laser imaging, colour management, automated workflows plus a wealth of other equipment. Our operators are experts at what they do and work in an environment that ensures quality while maintaining an efficient workflow. We enjoy the challenges that each project brings and are dedicated to producing the best possible results for your printing requirements.

Environmentally friendly.


Not only is our Pre-Press Department advanced in it's use of technology, it is also environmentally friendly. Our plate production features...

• Lower power consumption to image the plates
• No dangerous chemicals to harm the environment
• Totally aqueous - no silver affluent
• Improved processing reduces solution use
• Drastically reduced water consumption

All of this while producing 30, highly accurate, plates per hour.

From your desk to finished product.

At Advance Printing, we have the equipment, knowledge and experience to accept your digital files and process them to your exact specifications. Our commitment to quality assures that your projects will receive the attention and care they deserve.

Call us today and find out for yourself why Advance Printing provides you with Quality Printing from Start to Finish.


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